Become a Mentee

Want to develop your career but not sure where to start? Are you Interested in being mentored and supported by a fully trained Inspire Mentor? Are you aged 18-25? Read on and find out more.

Are you currently a HEAR student, maybe the first in your family to get to college or just someone who wants to switch up their career?

Congratulations on getting to college, it is a great achievement. But where next after you graduate? You have put in the hard work why stop now?

Remember when you graduate you will be competing with thousands of other students nationwide, with similar education qualifications and you need to stand out from your peers. Are you thinking I don’t know anyone in my network who can help me start my career.

At Inspire Mentoring, our mentors offer guidance to those taking on these new challenges. They can give you insights into how to become an entrepreneur, develop a career, secure a job, industry and workplace norms. They can introduce you to their own connections. 

We want to help you develop and own your future and reach your full potential. 

What is an Inspire Mentor?

An Inspire mentor is someone who has industry experience and can offer you support and general guidance; they will also be a role model for you. Our mentors volunteer their time and come from a variety of sectors. 

Here is what our mentees are saying;

The mentorship has been going great. It’s exactly what I’d hoped for. We’re making good progress on the careers front and he has been really understanding with me and the fact that I have a number of assignment deadlines due. He has informed me of career routes and opportunities which I didn’t know about, and has vowed to help me when applying for those opportunities. It really is going great” 


What will a mentor do for me?

A mentor will help you make choices in your life. A mentor will always listen to you; they won’t judge you and they’ll offer support and guidance if you want it. They can introduce you to their networks and contacts, open doors for you and give you insights into the world of work.


What’s involved?

We will ask you to attend an online training session with Q&A (1 hour duration) and complete an online questionnaire.

Once you create a profile on our online mentoring platform, you will be able to access tools and resources that will help you manage your development with your mentors’ support. All the mentoring happens on our platform.

Please note that once you sign up to the platform, you may see potential mentor matches immediately. For others, it might be a case of checking back over the course of several weeks as we get new mentors recruited and trained.

You will meet your mentor for up to an hour, every week, maintaining momentum is important. 

Over time, this typically moves to fortnightly or monthly. Then it is about getting to know each other, setting and achieving your goals. 

Inspire Mentoring is a formal mentoring programme lasting for up to one year. You get to select your mentor. You own it and you commit to it.


I am interested, what do I do now?

Click here and complete the application form, and we will be in touch with you. Due to significant levels of interest please allow up to one week for us to respond.


Our Mentors

How does it work?

Our simple, measured programme makes it easy for you


Apply online to be a mentee

Fill out an online application that is reviewed by our team

Select a mentor

You have the final say as to who is your mentor

Online sessions at a time for everyone

Our flexible process means that you can be mentored at a time that’s best


Goals are unique to each individual, depending on where you are at in your life and where you want to go. Take time to think clearly about what the purpose of your mentoring is, and where you want to be at the conclusion of the mentoring relationship. What skills, competencies, experiences, and knowledge will you need to reach your goal? Which of these do you already have? When you identify the gap between where you are and where you want to be, the goals will emerge.
Not all mentorships work out! If you feel that the mentorship is not working out for both you and your mentor, talk to your mentor and contact the Programme team and together next steps will be agreed.
It does happen that the mentoring relationships have a natural end. This is fine and speaks to the quality of the mentoring. We expect that this is something both you and your mentor will discuss. Your mentor will contact the Programme Team in this instance.
We hope that you will have gained valuable insights for your career, new perspectives and new skills. Moreover, you will most probably have gained a lifelong friend! You will receive a programme completion certificate and become part of the INSPIRE Mentee Alumni community which will be a supportive network for you. We may even ask you to become an ‘INSPIRE Ambassador’ to help us promote the programme as we continue to grow.
INSPIRE mentoring is restricted to one mentee and one mentor.
It is not recommended to leave the programme before it is concluded. It is a unique opportunity and experience that will add value to you from the beginning to the end. Its flexible nature allows you to accommodate other responsibilities, while participating in the programme. If, however, you have to leave the programme, please notify the Programme Team immediately. Please see our Handbook and Policies for further information
The Programme team will be the first point of contact if you have any queries.